April 4, 2012

POUND RIDGE PAST: I Can Almost Hear the Roosters Crowin'

Stop by the Sunday Farmers' Market in front of Antiques & Tools on Westchester Avenue in Pound Ridge, N.Y. on Sunday, April 8, from noon to 4 p.m. I'll be signing books so that you have your very own copy to read about POUND RIDGE PAST, and what people did here once winter finally waned. Read about blueberry picking, pea pod shucking, Victory Gardens, and roosters crowin'. Embrace yesteryear when one of the top-of-mind concerns was trying to figure out how to keep the ice block from melting so fast in the ice box. Oh ... and there's also some cool stuff about Tallulah Bankhead.

Ahhh, yes ... those were the days.

[Up music.]

[Fade in rooster standing on stone wall.]

[Up crowing.]

[Fade out rooster.]

[Fade crowing.]

[Pan right to background of The Ridge at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.]

[Fade out landscape scene.]

[Fade music.]

[Turn your cell phone back on.]

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