March 13, 2012

Springtime in Pound Ridge: The Sounds of Roosters + Cows

Want a taste of Pound Ridge Past? The following excerpt from the book features Pat Marshall Bartram, who grew up here in the 1930s. Life was so simple ... and noisy.

"Two things I know that are not loud in town today are roosters and cows. In the mornings it used to be
Grandpa's and Everett Knapp's roosters crowing to my south, and the cows mooing to my north. I used to go down to the barn and hear the old mother sow and all her little piglets. These are sounds that I take with me my whole life. You think nothing of it when it's happening to you, but when somebody says something, it can bring back so many memories ... like sitting on the stone wall fence in front of my grandparents' house. Gram would make us a big bowl of soap and water, we'd get out our bubble pipes, and sit on the fence and blow bubbles.

To read more about what life was like from the 1920s-70s in this bucolic town in Westchester, New York, follow the bubbles to

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