October 3, 2011

A Little Travelogue of Italy

Here are a few pix from Italy. Consider this the VENEZIA Leg of the Tour.

San Marco Square.

Note small white motor boat coming towards you on the left. Is it going to steer between the two gondolas? Are there any rules to the waterway in Venice? It was complete nautical mayhem on the Grand Canal.

Glassware from Murano.


If someone had called the night before to alert me that the San Marco Square dress code du jour was wedding gowns, I would have worn mine, too.

A photo of me taking a photo of them.

The Bridge of Sighs. (Sigh.)

An innovative gallery exposition called "Brueghel Suites." The wonderful tableaus put the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder into an animated format. (Did you know that people in the 1500s danced cloddishly?)

Patio outside our suite at Pensione Accademia. Perfect for sipping Negronis.

Sensuality is a part of life in Italy. Even mannequins in store windows in Venice are cool.

More photos forthcoming. For now, arrivederci.

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