October 25, 2011

Listen to Your Mother #1

If taking on any home decorating project, be sure to ask for your mother's advice. For me, by recommending a skylight in a place I never considered, she truly saw the light.

Another thing my 80-year old mother does with remarkable acuity --among many things--is fold with iron-like fortitude. With a mighty hand, she can fold a towel like it's nobody's business. Give her a napkin, and she'll create an origami masterpiece.

"You have to stack the towels so that the folded edge is what's showing on the shelf," she has reprimanded in an effort to rescue the melee of my linen closet. "It should look orderly."

So the question is: when was the last time you opened someone's linen closet and saw it as a reflection of their state of mind? (Be honest.)

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