August 14, 2011

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town


You couldn’t ask for anything simpler: someplace to go for a little vino, an espresso or cappuccino, maybe a Panini, a crostini or a little antipasti. Mariela’s Wine & Espresso Bar, located at 71 Westchester Avenue, is now serving. Order one of the 16 whites, reds or rosés, or pump it up with caffeine. “Every town should have a nice place to go where you can sit down, have a glass of wine, or read the paper and have an espresso,” said Alex Rubeo, proprietor/owner. “We also have free Wi-Fi, so folks can come in with their computer and write the next ‘Harry Potter.” Have a seat at a table or at the bar and stay tuned for wine tastings. Just a step away, beyond the planters filled with blooming flowers, is Pound Ridge Wines & Spirits, which will launch a Wine of the Month Club in the fall. Mariela’s is wheelchair accessible. For more information, call 764-3424.

N2N a.k.a. Neighbor to Neighbor is a community-based volunteer organization that helps our Pound Ridge seniors and disabled in times of need. N2N works in conjunction with the PR Police and Town Recreation Departments and is giving a shout out for volunteer drivers to provide seniors with rides to local doctors’ appointments. “In the past, requests for rides have been about two a month,” said Louise Paolicelli, N2N coordinator. “Over the past few months, requests have increased to about three rides needed a week. Our problem is that we only have five regular volunteer drivers. With the summer months and vacations, we have even less, so there have been a handful of times when we haven’t been able to provide rides at all.” Please consider helping out your neighbors. If you would like to be a volunteer driver for N2N, please call Louise (who, incidentally, does a remarkable job at the helm of the PR Seniors Program). She can be reached at 764-8201 or email

It was a beautiful summer evening. We were ready to slice the limes, put out the peanuts and serve up the cocktails. The torches in the field were lit. The outdoor setting took on a feeling that was both primal and cozy. Do those torches even work for keeping mosquitoes at bay … or at least away from the patio? Here are a few facts: female mosquitoes bite. The males are mellower. (Wow, sounds like humans.) The dipterous insects of the family Culicidae prefer people who have been drinking beer rather than water. (Note to Mojito drinkers: you are safe.) Mosquitoes are, indeed, deterred by smoky, odorous fire (keep the torches lit). Marigolds and other odorous blooms work, too, but you have to plant a lot of them to get a full bouquet that sends the mosquitoes flying in different directions. So what if you’ve got the torches blazing, you’ve put on the Neet, stayed clear of beer and still get bitten? Run the welt under the hottest water you can tolerate. Or use my daughter’s tried and true method: make an X with your fingernail directly on the weld. Wait. Count backwards from 10. Think about a freezing cold, snowy, icy day in January. Give it a few more seconds to think about. Take a sip of the cocktail. Look around at the beauty of your garden and the lushness of the sugar maples. Listen to the catbirds. Watch hummingbirds flitter from one flower to another. Stop and marvel. Think about the calendar pages of June, July, and August. Ponder hair feather extensions, the hottest teenage trend. Plan your next splurge: a double-dip ice cream cone swirled in rainbow sprinkles. (I’m trying to distract you. Don’t scratch.) Most of all, remember that summer — as well as that itchy mosquito bite — won’t last forever.

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