July 10, 2011

BEDFORD RECORD-REVIEW / "Talk of the Town" - July 10, 2011


The 4th of July festivities in the Town Park were held on a perfect summer evening. Many had staked their spots on the field during the afternoon and began floating in a few hours before dusk for picnicking and rendez-vousing with friends and neighbors. The fireworks, which were particularly excellent this year, blazed the sky to ooohs, ahhhs and wahoooos from the crowd, many of whom were sporting the patriotic red, white, and blue. “I love the fireworks,” said Michelle Horan, age 6. “They’re different colors and they all pop out.” Her friend, Clare (“No ‘i.’”) Patterson, also age 6, said, “I love the 4th of July because my family can celebrate it with me. I love my family and I love celebrating with my brother, Bradley. He’s 5.” Nora Dockter, a 4th grader, was readily prepared for the fireworks with big headphones. Her little sister, Lucy, had “neon squooshable earplugs, the kind that you squeeze into your ears, and then they puff up. The fireworks can damage your hearing, you know.” She also wanted to note that Lucy’s birthday was July 5 “… so it’s like the fireworks are for her.” (Happy birthday, Lucy!) A group of 8th graders summed up the evening. “It makes me happy to see all the people come out to support the town,” said Aaron Winkler. His pal, Emmett Robbins added, “The 4th of July is a great time to bond with my friends and family. It’s just a good time to LOL.”

There are many organizations doing quietly noble things for our community. One that hovers at the top of the list is the Pound Ridge Lions Ambulance Corps, comprised of 25 dedicated volunteers. At the ready, the corps has two ambulances, is primarily funded by contributions, and receives no funding from any governmental agency. New members and financial support are always needed and welcome. It’s a terrific volunteer opportunity, and many of the college kids who enlist for the summer as EMTs are inspired to pursue med school. “It’s really nice to have the kids on the team when they’re in town,” said Marty Kremer, captain of the Ambulance Corps.
At the recent Lions Club Park dedication on Westchester Avenue (check out the innovative, well-designed slate benches), we also caught up with Elaine and Larry Smith, Ambulance Corps volunteers for the past 40 years. She recounted how the first ambulance was a used Cadillac from Mount Kisco and that headquarters was in a little tin shed behind Albano’s Appliance. The town is currently awaiting the arrival of a brand new ambulance. The current one, which is about 10 years old, is being donated—complete with stretchers backboard, bandages and spare tires—to a small rural community in coal country. “This ambulance has served Pound Ridge well. By giving it to another community, it’s a win-win for all of us.”
The PR Lions Ambulance Corps is especially in need of volunteers during the daytime. For background information, go to www.townofpoundridge.com/emergencyservices/pound-ridge-lions-volunteer-ambulance-corps. You can also contact from Captain Marty Kremer at 764-1505 or martykremer@optonline.net, or President Tammy Rainford at 764-9107.

A new cycle has officially begun in Pound Ridge. On Westchester Avenue, next to Pound Ridge Wines and behind Pinnocchio Pizza, Spin Cycle Spin + Fitness Studio is open and a seat awaits you. Lara Keidel Gentile, owner and certified spin instructor is a therapist and fitness instructor with a specialty in eating disorders, addictions and mood disorders. After a 10-year career as a psychiatric social worker, she came to the field of fitness seeking to change her lifestyle as well as continue helping people to achieve their goals. “She is such an effective motivator no matter what level of fitness you are,” said spin-ee Elizabeth Harrington. “Lara took me—someone who feared spinning—to a full convert.” Spin Cycle offers introductory classes for those who have never tried spinning and want to check it out, to full-blown expert level. In addition to group classes, semi-private and private sessions are also available. In all settings, you will receive individual guidance and attention. And first classes are always free. For more information on the schedule, check the website, www:spincyclepoundridge.com, or contact Lara directly at lara@spincyclepoundridge.com.

Seeking a good read poolside, at the beach, en vacance or while waiting to pick up the children at day camp? Pound Ridge Library will have its summer Book Sale at the library this Saturday, July 9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Books galore for adults and children. Let them stack up, too. Summer is the best time to delve in to reading for pleasure.

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