March 20, 2011

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


There are many silent heroes in Pound Ridge. This week, let’s take a peek at the Pound Ridge Fire Department. Did you know that they have a Junior Corps? The objective is to stimulate interest and train qualified Pound Ridge youngsters for volunteer fire service. The group functions as a support unit to the PRFD both during and after an emergency or disaster with tasks that include establishing a fire line, packing hose, manning a hydrant, recruiting new members of the Junior Corps and taking an active role in Fire Prevention. (Under no circumstances will a Corps member enter a burning building or respond to a Hazardous Materials Call.) Members 15 years of age may not, under any circumstances respond to any alarms. Members 16 years of age may respond to an alarm at any hour of the day, with the exception of school hours. Members who are 17 years of age are considered on probation for the year pursuant to the Department bylaws. The Junior Corps also holds fund raising activities. Last summer, they completed Phase I of a town-wide community service Emergency 911 project. To maintain the response of our emergency services at an optimal level for the benefit of residences and businesses, a list list was compiled of over 500 addresses missing 911 signs. The Junior Corps is in the process of planning Phase 2 of the project. Once the ground is thawed and roads are cleared, they will make sure that property owners are aware of whether their 911 signs pose a potential problem.

"With the exception of the first Monday of the month, the PRFD Junior Corps members attend meetings and drill with us every Monday,” said Peter D'Agostino, Captain, Pound Ridge Fire Dept. and Chairman, Pound Ridge Fire Dept. Junior Corps. “The Juniors are a tremendous help during our annual inspections and parade season. I’m also very proud of the kids that are presently in the corps and have gone through our program." For more information on becoming a proud member of the Pound Ridge Fire Department Junior Corps, contact Captain D’Agostino at 764-5102.

Kindergartners through fifth graders at Pound Ridge Elementary School will be eating their peas and carrots, oranges and apples as they participate in “No Junk Food Week” (March 14-20). The initiative is sponsored by the Westchester County Department of Health to promote healthy eating by kids. Organized by the PRES PTA Health and Safety Committee, students are encouraged to eat five fruits and vegetables a day and to use track charts to record the produce they have consumed by color category. To further motivate the students, School Principal Peter Politi will announce over the school intercom the colorful fruits and vegetables that he has eaten that day. Three cheers to the PRES PTA for supporting initiatives that promote good health and encourage students to ditch the candy, chips, soda and other empty cals.

Speaking of PRES, it was a pleasure talking to the 5th graders about my book, “Pound Ridge Past: Remembrances of Our Townsfolk.” Although it sold out a few years ago, speaking with students is an opportunity to share the recollections of townsfolk from 1920-1970 and tell what life was like here in the 20th century. By sharing stories of our towns’ elders, we keep alive the rich heritage of our beloved Pound Ridge.

Have you heard about the new chanteuse in town? Zoë Jobe, who is 16, recently appeared at the Towne Crier, in Pawling, N.Y., to perform one of her songs solo on guitar. Although she started playing piano at 8, when she was in eighth grade, Matt Vanacoro, her music tech teacher at Fox Lane Middle School decided to put her in his advanced guitar class. “I had never played before, so started teaching myself. I was absolutely awful at first but I guess I caught on,” Zoë told “Talk of the Town.” Her influences are everything from jazz, classic rock, reggae to country. “I've always loved the Towne Crier so it was awesome to get a chance to perform there. It was also great to see so many people who came out to listen. Their support for my music is amazing.” She will soon be in the studio to start recording a few tracks that will eventually be available for all to here. We admire Zoë’s dedication to her art. We also love how her name isn't just "Zoe" but rather “Zoë” with an umlaut. Very cool.

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