September 26, 2010

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


Want to be a part of giving back to our town? The Pound Ridge Ambulance Corps is a volunteer organization that was started in April 1966 by five members of the Pound Ridge Lions Club. When calls for emergency help were being fielded to Mount Kisco and other neighboring towns, it was felt that the time had come to take care of our own. The Pound Ridge Ambulance Corps’ first president, Warren Everett, used a converted Cadillac hearse as our town’s first ambulance; and the current building on Westchester Avenue was built in 1975, which is when Elaine Smith (who, with her husband, Larry, give so much to our town) joined. She is still a dedicated member 35 years later. “What we do on the Ambulance Corps is one of the most important things we can do for our friends and neighbors,” said Tammy Rainford, current president. “I get immense satisfaction from knowing that I can help in any emergency.” The Ambulance Corps is in desperate need of new members, EMT’s and drivers. All hours are open, especially during daytime. Free training is provided. For more information, call Tammy at home in the evening at 764-9107 or email The Ambulance Corps is here for you. Let’s be here for them.

On Wednesday, October 6, Ahavah Hadassah’s first book group for the 5771 season will be “City of Thieves” by David Benioff. “The book is a wise, funny and thrilling story about two young men on an impossible
adventure in Russia during World War II,” said Theresa Fischer. “Read about a Jewish young man, Lev, and his military friend, Kolya, as they travel through Leningrad and the lawlessness of Russia to reach their goal.” Copies of the book are at Pound Ridge Library.” Join a lovely group of women who love to read and discuss books. For more information on the book group and Ahavah Hadassah, call Theresa at 764-8342.

Per dictum/sound advice from the Pound Ridge Garden Club, September is a good time to jot down in your gardening note book what was a success and what was not this past summer. From season to season it is often confusing and difficult to remember which variety of plant was the most successful, so a note at harvest--time can prove to be most helpful next spring. September should also bring the fall crops of squash, pumpkin and corn. At the first sign of frost, pick all the green tomatoes and ripen them inside. Newspaper is invaluable for covering tender pants if an early frost is anticipated. The newspaper will also keep your plants warm and dry overnight. Before settling in for winter, it’s also time to think about the compost pile. Composting can be as simple as a pile of leaves and vegetable cuttings in a corner of your garden, or as complex as commercial bins with various additives to hasten the composting process. Either way, compost is gardener's gold and totally free when made in your own garden. There is a lot of information available on composting on the Internet.

So anyway, there’s this store in Katonah called Boo Girls? And it’s like this really cool place for way stylish fashion for juniors and teens that you will completely lovvvveeeeee? And like all of the staff know practically everything there is to know about current fashion trends?? Well, in August, Gaynor Scott, the proprietor from Pound Ridge, moved to a bigger and brighter space across the street from Perks on Katonah Avenue and now Boo Girls has three fitting rooms, and there are like no more queues to try on clothes. Seriously! And Boo Girls is like completely stocked for fall with lots of skinny jeans, cargo pants (the hottest new thing), sweaters, leggings, fuzzy PJ pants, and dresses for holidays and parties. “We have fashion-forward styles and brands that the girls love,” said Gaynor. “We’ll also help accessorize so that customers walk out with everything they need to be chic and complete.” The shop features Juicy Couture, Michael Stars, 7 For All Mankind, Rebecca Beeson, It!, Sky, Baily 44, Hanky Panky and tons of other totally phenom clothing, accessories and gifts. To keep up with the trends, get some personal pop, and be totally fab with or without the clash factor, go to Boo Girls or give them a call at 232-8082.

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