March 13, 2010

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


There’s something in the water. Alex Forrester, a freshman at Yale and one of Pound Ridge’s celebrated swimmers, was completely in her league when she participated in the Ivy Champs 2010, a women’s swimming and diving championship in Cambridge, Mass. The top Ivy League performers in each individual event and the top Ivy League team in each relay event earned selection to the All-Ivy League swimming and diving team. “Though the Yale team came in third, their individual performances were stunning, and positioned them for run at the championship next year (with recruits and returning athletes),” said Cynthia, Alex’s mom.

“This may not seem like a big deal, but Harvard and Princeton have pretty much been the only ones at the table of late. The Cornell athletes did terrifically well, too.” In summary, Alex had a great meet: 6 wins (3 individual and 3 relays) and did times that will enter her in top 8 at the NCAA Championship Meet. Her 100 fly time at Ivy Champs of 52.58 seconds places her #1 in the U.S. for all 18-and-unders. “This was pretty much her goal this year,” Cynthia continued. “I’m happy because she had great fun and really supported her team.”

Frances Levy, loving wife of Murray, said that her patio still has enough snow on it to build a snowman. When asked if she was looking forward to spring, there was no hesitation when she exclaimed, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” In talking about how she looks forward to a more colorful landscape, Frances mentioned that this year she wasn’t able to plant seeds. An idea for our local scouts might be to connect with Neighbor to Neighbor and see if some of our esteemed town elders might like a hand with planting a few annuals. This would certainly spread the glee and celebration of springtime with others.

Scott Gerber from Pound Ridge and Michael Weisburger— from Bedford have undertaken an effort to get Bedford volunteer fireman Juan Cerda’s firefighting gear to him in Chile so that he can assist with relief efforts after the 8.8 earthquake struck on February 27. Scott and his wife, Tracey, were especially eager to help since Gerber Group — proprietors of hotel restaurants and bars worldwide — opened three bars at the W Hotel in Santiago last year. Fortunately none of their staff was injured in the earthquake, and the property received minor damage. Knowing that Juan was in Santiago, though, they wanted to reach out to Chilean friends and help Juan get his “turn-out” gear, which is basic firefighting equipment: helmet, coat, pants, boots, hood and gloves. Scott and Michael contacted Bedford Village Fire Department, asked if they would help facilitate getting the gear to Chile, and mentioned that they would replace it. The fire department was immediately on-board. “It’s important to realize how lucky we are to live in our safe country of America,” said Scott. “We just completed a fundraiser at all 30 of our bars to donate a percentage of Friday night sales to help Haiti after their 7.0 earthquake that struck on January 12. We are now doing what we can for Chile. I’m glad that we can do a little bit to help, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about the earthquakes that created such enormous loss and destruction.”

“We are grateful to the Bedford Village Fire Department which has been extremely gracious in working with us to release Juan’s equipment. This is one of those unique opportunities were we could have an immediate impact and see our efforts go to work directly ‘where the rubber hits the road,’” said Michael.

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