January 23, 2010

THE RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


The Messina household is full of even more joy than we read about in “Talk of the Town” in November. Another grandbaby is in the midst with the birth of Makenna Ann, born on December 23, 2009 to Lisa (Alexander) and Christopher Ryan. Makenna joins her (brand) new cousin Mikey, who was born on November 1 to Donna (Alexander) and Michael Bonacci. “We are completely thrilled,” said Barbara Messina of her new grandson “Mikey” and granddaughter Makenna. “I call them my little M & M’s.” We also send our very best wishes to Mary and Paul Legrand, who welcomed their first grandchild, Isabelle, born to son, John, and his wife, Dr. Tjasa Hranjec on December 24, 2009. “Isabelle was a wonderful Christmas Eve gift. She is absolutely beautiful!” wrote Mary, former “Talk of the Town” columnist, from their new base in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Zhush, our town style obsessionista + observationer, told us that Pantone, the world renowned authority on color, has declared turquoise this year's color of the year. “Not only will this apply to interiors, but expect to see a lot more turquoise this spring and summer in clothes and accessories. This is good news as turquoise jewelry always looks so well suited to the casual chic style of northern Westchester. Whether you are dressed Ralph Lauren style — inspired by Native American jewelry — or in a fun new necklace fresh from Tory Burch's spring accessories line, turquoise jewelry is consistently appealing.”

Peering into her crystal ball, in 2010 we can also expect the legging trend to continue, as Jeggings (jeans + leggings) are here to stay. “A chic alternative to the now ubiquitous ‘Juicy’ suit, leggings, and/or jeggings with at-the-knee or over-the knee-boots are a great way to look put together and still feel comfortable enough to run around Scotts Corners and then dine out at the Bedford Post.” For more, more, more, on Glamour yes’s and no’s, go to hip Pound Ridger The Zhush @thezhush.blogspot.com.

Lots happening in Scott Corners ... Is your car up to snuff for the winter weather? Let Pound Ridge Sunoco on Westchester Avenue give it a check. For $19.99, they’re offering a winter special that includes topping off all fluids, checking the battery, and filling the tires to proper pressure for cold, snow and sleet. It takes just 10 minutes, and they’ll even pull your car into the bay (so you don’t have to stand there idle and freezing.) Call 764-4478 for an appointment or bring your car by one afternoon. And incidentally, if you are hooked on Carmex, they are the depot for that, too. This seriously hard-to-find soothing and moisturizing lip balm will kick dryness around the block. Finally, a new station to turn to in town.

And finally, don’t miss the 17th Annual Pound Ridge Business Association “January Sales Days” that runs through to Sunday, Jan. 31. Eight enticing retailers are participating. Albano Appliance & Service is offering 10 percent off on housewares, including vacuums. All Your Yesterdays is offering 20 percent off; Antiques & Interiors has 20 percent off vintage jewelry, Staffordshire and everything else; and Antiques & Tools of Business & Kitchen is offering 50 percent off all items with a red dot on the tag and 30 percent off everything else, inside and outside. Sales include a wood stove for $90 and a 3-gong dinner bell for $209. And wait! There’s more! Eileen Godfrey Miniatures & Doll Houses (train set, anyone?), Juleigh’s Resale Coutures (anyone need to jazz up their wardrobe with a little Missoni or Christian Louboutin?); Pinocchio Pizza’s Steve Cioffi has a “Family Fest Special,” with two large pizzas and sodas, reduced from $30.99 to $23.99; and Louis Weinstock’s Poundridge Nurseries has holiday decorations on sale at 40 percent off. The indoor plant sale begins on February 1. So can the malls. Come down to Scotts Corners and shop, baby, shop.

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