January 10, 2010

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


So, how are you doing with your New Year resolutions? Are you feeling happier, funnier, thinner, more focused, physically fit, appreciative, and balanced? Are you suddenly spending more time with your family, less time on the computer, learning something new, or quitting bothersome habits? Don’t be too hard on yourself. You still have 50 more weeks of the first year in the new decade to achieve perfection.

Along with many seeking the above quests for personal excellence, in a cross-town survey we were enlightened to learn about other resolutions Pound Ridgers are seeking (or not) in MMX:
“I want to continue to stop, as often as possible, to smell the roses.” ~LG
“I don't do resolutions, per se, but rather pick a theme (or mantra) and for the year and try to internalize it (i.e. permanent change). This system has actually helped me become consciously aware of something on which I need to improve. Examples: 2009: leave a smaller carbon footprint. 2008: Embrace that there are always more than two ways to solve a problem. 2007: Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react.” ~AR
“We have made a family resolution to spend more time together without laptops or BlackBerry's in hand. Our first step will be to institute a 2-hour ‘electronic-free zone’ each evening. Good luck, right? Well, we'll try.” ~DB
“Cut down on sugar, wheat and dairy. Then maybe I'll lose a few lbs.” ~CV
“I’m resolving to add something new to my life that nurtures and opens new dimensions. I've spent so many years concentrating on how to make other people’s lives richer, now it's time for me.” ~DF
“I am in a resolution-free zone (don't do them), just do a little meditation thing on New Year's Eve.” ~AMR
Consumer alert from a reader on Trinity Lane: Have you received all of your holiday gift cards? This 30-year resident received one from William Sonoma last February but it never arrived. When she reported it missing, she was told it had already been cashed at Woodbury Common. (William Sonoma did, however, replace the card.)
This Christmas, not one, but three Amazon gift cards mailed from different locations, also never arrived. “My concern is that this occurs frequently, and people are not reporting it to the companies concerned or to our post office. Our mail is sorted, and handled, several times in transit before it is delivered to Pound Ridge, so the gift cards could have been intercepted anywhere. If other readers have not received their gift cards by post-holiday, they should contact the companies, as well as the Pound Ridge postmaster, who has been very helpful.”

It’s open-season for winter programs sponsored by the Pound Ridge Recreation Department. Check the pupils of your children. If they look dilated, they might be suffering from boredom. Activities gearing up for the New Year include youth basketball for 1st through 8th graders. Toddler art, with teachers Donna Chaite and Susan Schwarz, offers both morning and afternoon sessions, and yoga classes, with yoginis Sharron Cohen and Jane Schewior, are in full swing. If you would like to receive timely information about other town activities and events, be sure to send your email address to David Goldberg, recreation supervisor, at dgoldberg@townofpoundridge.com. We are on pins and needles waiting to hear when the pond in the Town Park is thick enough for ice skating (and based upon the recent frigid weather, that should be soon). If you’re on “The List,” you’re sure to be in-the-know.

Speaking of open-season (sorry, deer), one of our loyal readers who goes by the moniker “Octogenarian 1927,” has opened her special recipe book to share two procurements for venison given to her directly by Herr Kohl, owner of the famous Drei Husaren, Vienna’s only restaurant to have been founded by a member of nobility. According to (code name) Octo-1927, the name of the restaurant comes from the Honor Guard of Hungarian officers and the recipes are safeguarded like military secrets. But for you, we’ll make an exception. If you’d like to share the bastion of good taste and eat like an emperor, write towntalk@optonline.net and we’ll send you the long-treasured Viennese recipes for “Deer Haunch in Pistachio Crust with Sultana Sauce and Potato Dumplings” and “Venison Haunch on Pumpkin Goulash with Quark Gnocchi.” Kindness of Octo-1927, of course.

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