June 20, 2009

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town" Laura


Let’s talk turkey. Alice Hand had an interesting experience recently when she uprooted ferns that were choking out iris near the stone wall in front of her house.
“After the first handful was pulled, a whirr of wings occurred,” Alice wrote. “I looked down and saw many large eggs and a turkey hen walking to and fro in front of me, scolding me for disturbing her. I scurried away and went into the garage to look out of a window to be sure the turkey hen went back to her eggs. She did. I will add that we have had a big flock of turkeys on our property all spring and had observed several toms, and their many wives.”
Lately, Alice had seen a lone turkey hen roaming about and wondered if she had been banished from her flock.
“Now we know why she's been around. While sitting on our front porch, we observed her walking away from the nest to the back of the property, no doubt to stretch her legs, get a drink of water from our vernal pond, and see if she could find something to eat.”
After some research, Alice learned that the incubation period for turkey hens is 28 days, and that eggs usually hatch this time of year. The hen immediately takes her chicks into the woods to try to keep them safe.
“We have hawks and owls, but hopefully the chicks will survive to come visit us again next spring.”

The Pound Ridge Lions Club will honor Dan Bathrick, outgoing Lions Club president, at the annual picnic on Tuesday, June 23 at 7 p.m. in the Town Park.
“We look forward to honoring Dan for the invaluable and tireless work he has performed over the past few years,” said Andrew Brodnick, who will take the mane as incoming Lions Club president.
Lions International is the largest service organization in the world, with more then 1.3 million men and women in 200 countries and geographic areas. Our Pound Ridge Lions raises funds from various community activities, such the Country Fair in September and pumpkin sale in October. Proceeds are distributed both back to the community and globally for many humanitarian programs
Fee for the picnic is $15 per person, and children are free. Come out to honor Dan and enjoy the beauty of a June evening in our Town Park.

Pound Ridge Girl Scout Leader Laura Henry was presented with the Girl Scout Heart of the Hudson Council "Outstanding Volunteer Award” for all she does to coordinate such scouting events as the Father/Daughter Dance, end-of-year BBQ, and the bake sale booth at the Lions Club Country Fair.
Laura is a role model for the 30 third and fourth grade girls in her two Girl Scout troops, and was nominated to win the award by the mothers of the girls in her troops. Congratulations, Laura, for your leadership and devotion.

On your mark, get ready, G-O! The 10th Annual Pound Ridge Road Races take place Saturday, July 4. The 5K race that loops around our beautiful countryside will start at Pound Ridge Elementary School at 9 a.m. The Kids’ Races start at the Town Park at 10 a.m.
If we watch you from a helicopter viewpoint, we’ve got you starting at PRES, heading down Route 137, going right on Route 124, to Landt Lane, left on Indian Hill, go LEFT (not right!) on Fox Run, hang an other right onto East Woods (take a sip of water), bear right on Fancher, (you with me? You’re getting close . . . hang in there), another right onto Westchester Avenue and keep going, you’re almost at . . . the Town Park. You made it!
For more info, dash to the phone and call the Pound Ridge Recreation Office at 764-0947.

Students, as you finish the school year, take a look around at your teachers. If you are as lucky as I am, one of them might just be a lifetime mentor. I am still in contact with my 10th grade English teacher, Dr. Richard George, lovingly known as “Doc.”
Last week, Doc, who is now 90 years old, mailed me a poem he penned for “This England Magazine.” In a cover note he wrote: “I am pleased my muse is still with me, along with my creative effort to complete new works.”
I am forever grateful for my high school teacher’s inspiration that has endured more than four decades. When you say goodbye to your teachers this semester, you might be in for a surprise. Their inspiration and encouragement might be with you for a lifetime.

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