March 7, 2009

THE RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


Richard L. Major, Pound Ridge historian extraordinaire, has just come out with a wonderful book, “A History of the Betsey Hunt House.” Published under the auspices of the Nancy Wasserman Memorial Fund for the Pound Ridge Historical Society, the book lovingly shares the history and mystery of the home in which Dick and his wife, Joan, moved into in 1962.

The Betsey Hunt House, located in the historic district of our town’s hamlet, is on the State and National Register of Historic Places. After years of intensive research, Dick learned that the house was built between 1777 and 1823. He brings the readers on an inquisitive journey that not only introduces us to (among many) Betsy and Alsop Hunt, Major Ebenezer, Lewis, Horatio and Ezra Lockwood, but also shares with us two interesting coincidences: “My wife and I were married at the Presbyterian Church, Fifth Avenue and 12th Street, NYC. This church was the successor of the Wall Street Church of which Betsey Hunt was a member from 1811 to 1827. Secondly, my great-great grandfather, William Waring, on my maternal side, was a third cousin to Betsey Lockwood Hunt.”

A History of the Betsey Hunt House,” which is illustrated with archival documents, newspaper clippings, portraits and photography, is $35 a copy and can be purchased at the Pound Ridge Museum on Westchester Avenue.

Remembering friends’ birthdays is always special. Joan Silbersher, along with friends and neighbors of Robin Hood Road and Sherwood Road, do it right with a thrice-annual “Ladies of the Neighborhood Birthday Dinner.” In February, May and September, the gals gather to celebrate birthdays in that part of the year. Everyone chips in $10 for birthday cake, and the remainder goes towards a Poundridge Nurseries gift certificate to the hostess.

The tradition began in 2006 when Barbara Earle arranged a neighbors’ dinner to celebrate Joan’s birthday. “It was a wonderful idea and a most pleasant evening,” she said. “It was natural to parley the concept into a continuing series, gathering and celebrating birthdays.”

Today the group includes February revelers Donna Carlson, Toby, Morris, Lynn Botsford, and SaraAnne Grossman; May celebrants Lillian Petruccione, Philippa Perry, and Ann Gastrich. Barbara, Linda Goldman and Joan take the cake in September. The lovely Phyllis Berman, who passed away in February, was also member of the group and will surely be missed for her spritely spirit and great conversation.

Longtime film buff Norman Senior has put together a list of feature films for the Hiram Halle Library 2009 Winter Film Series that were the last made by leading actors. This year focuses on a central theme called “Swan-Song Films.” (Whenever I see the word “swan” in the same sentence as “film,” I think of singer Bjork wearing that infamous gown to the Academy Awards in 2001. Do you remember that magic moment on the red carpet?)

On Friday, March 13 at 7:30 p.m., grab a seat for “The Straight Story,” starring Richard Farnsworth in his last flick. With a tent to sleep under and riding a lawnmower for transportation Alvin (Oscar nominee Richard Farnsworth) sets out to cover the 300 miles to his estranged brother's house in a five week-long journey of healing and remembrance. The film, by director David Lynch, celebrates the unshakable determination of a human spirit and the lasting bonds of family. For more info, go right back to that phone and call the library at 764-5085 or go to

March = St. Patrick’s Day = four leaf clovers = the Girl Scout trefoil = Girl Scout Cookies. Get my drift? It’s time to order your annual supply of Peanut Butter Patties and Thin Mints. Those are my personal faves, but there are also Samoas, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs, Lemon Cremes, and Sugar Free Chocolate Chip. A new cookie for 2009 is the Dulce de Leche with milk caramel chips and stripes.

The cookie sale theme this year is “Cookies 4 a Change.” As part of this, the girls in Laura Henry’s troops #3001 (3rd grade) and #2929 (4th grade) will also take orders for Operation Cookie Drop which sends Girl Scout cookies to U.S. military personal serving in our country and abroad.

Girl Scouts will be taking orders until March 23. Get off your sit-upon and contact your favorite local Girl Scout or Mrs. Henry at Cookies are $3.50 a box and will be delivered in April.

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