March 21, 2009

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"

March 21, 2009

"Talk of the Town"
By Bonni Brodnick

Pound Ridge writer Josina van der Maas is conducting a series of monthly workshops, “Writing the Memoir,” at Hiram Halle Library. Her own book, “Papa’s Papers,” a personal narrative about growing up in Holland during World War II, reveals her earliest childhood memories as idyllic. Then came mobilization, the War, the dangers and deprivations, and the difficult post-war economic recovery period. When faced with limited options for her future, Josina decided to come to the United States to attend college. The memoir ends with her arrival in New York when she was 18. It’s a wonderfully told story.
The next “Writing the Memoir” workshop—which is open to writers of all abilities—takes place on Saturday afternoon, March 28 at 3 p.m. at Hiram Halle Library. For more information, call 764-5085 or go to
My husband asked my father for my hand in marriage in the Rose Room at the Algonquin. As an engagement gift, my sister gave this newly betrothed couple a pen and ink drawing of the legendary room, complete with two cocktails on the rocks at a round table amidst the Corinthian columns, grandfather clock, needlepoint pillows and upholstered sofas. The only thing missing was The Algonquin cat. Twenty-three years hence, for some reason, it all came unglued. (The matted drawing, not the marriage.)
Elaine and Nick Vazzana, owners of the new Pound Ridge Framing & Fine Art in Scotts Corners, knew how to make it all better. As specialists in custom framing, restoration and conservation, our Algonquin drawing is back on the mat.
Pound Ridge Framing offers a wide selection of Larson-Juhl frames and sells gifts, fine crafts, glassware, and limited edition Giclees. Nick, who was formerly a television news reporter and founder of a multimedia publishing company for the school market, is also an artist. He caringly restores paintings, as well as creates his own (which are on display and for sale, which is another reason to stop by the shop.)
While you’re there, take a peak at his book, “Van Gogh in Paris”—a history/fiction blend that tells the transformation of the artist during his two years in Paris. Nick incorporates his knowledge of the masters and creates texture and passion to Van Gogh’s fascinating life.
You’ll get the whole picture when you go to Pound Ridge Framing & Fine Art at 69 Westchester Avenue, on the left side of the building from Pinocchio’s Italian Restaurant. Call 764-3401 for more info.
Duck, the Other Meat” is the upcoming Albano’s Appliance showroom continuing education and cooking class on Tuesday, March 24 at 7 p.m. Chef Jehan deNoue will demonstrate butchering and dressing the bird, along with the preparation of house-cured duck prosciutto in salad, duck confit with risotto, and duck magret with orange sauce.
To sign up for what promises to be a truly ducky evening, call Patty at 764-4051.

High school seniors across town are anxiously waiting the next mail delivery. Why? Oh, just because one of the letters might be completely and mind-blowingly life changing. College acceptance/rejection letters will be here any day. (Is this why my special senior is slightly nerve-wracked at the moment?)
If you’re a graduating high school senior who has done worthy community service, take your mind off of the mailbox for a moment. Distract yourself by filling out an application for the Pound Ridge Lions Club Annual Community Service Awards. Deadline for submission is April 3. If you need an application, check with your high school scholarship chairperson or the guidance department. You may also receive an application form by contacting Lion Vivian Falco at or by calling 764-4988. The generosity of the Pound Ridge Lions Club extends near and far. (RRrrrrrroar.)

Our town library is special for a myriad of things, but one of them recently is a unique, hand-decorated silver tree ornament placed by an anonymous library angel on a bush on the left by the walkway. The silver ball has a handwritten message, “Friend of a friend.” Rumor is starting to circulate that if you touch the ball, good cheer and friendships will come your way. (And there’s no late fee.)

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