February 13, 2009

THE RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town" February 13, 2009


The bays in my attic are organized by holiday, starting with Oct./Halloween (which includes crazy costumes, my witch hat, and other ghostly things); Nov./Thanksgiving (my longtime collection of turkeys and pilgrims); Dec./Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year’s Eve (ranging from boughs to antique tree ornaments, stars and poppers); Feb./Valentine’s Day (hand-made cards going back to when the children were at Pound Ridge Community Church Pre-School; red construction-paper hearts glued on doilies with corny “Roses are Red” poems written by my mom; and pen and ink Valentines from my sister/former Pound Ridger and artist Pamela Morandi; to March/St. Patrick’s Day (green four-leaf clover cut-outs galore), April/April Fool’s Day (Victorian postcards from the 1920s); and May/Mother’s Day (sentimental cards from the husband and kids). After a lull in June, we walk over to the July/Independence Day bay, and pull out flags of all sizes to festoon the house and front planters with Americana. All of these family traditions are what make our home-sweet-home.

Benjamin Baum, a Pound Ridge Elementary School 4th grader, is racking up the wins as he races through the gates with the Thunder Ridge Ski Team in Patterson. A member of the United States Ski & Snowboard Association, the team competes within the Connecticut Youth Ski League and the Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Association. On snowy days, think of Ben on one of the five local mountains—Southington, Sundown, Mohawk, Powder Ridge, and Berkshire East—as he helps bring his team to another victory on the slopes. Cool stuff.

It was some enchanted evening last Saturday night when we saw “South Pacific” at the Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center. As if the performance itself wasn’t wonderful enough, after final bows, lead actress, Kelli O’Hara, asked for lights up and said, “On January 15, a catastrophe was averted just blocks away on the Hudson River. We are proud to dedicate this performance to US Airways Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and his family, who are with us this evening.” And just seats away, there was the new New York hero. The applause was overwhelming as the audience celebrated the Hudson River Pilot.

Thinking theatrically for another moment . . . Pound Ridge Recreation presents The Pound Ridge Theater Company’s PRTC Kids Onstage on Saturdays starting tomorrow, Feb. 14 through April 4. Workshops, stagecraft shops and play shops will take place at Hiram Halle Library and Conant Hall for ages from 4 to 11 and up. Actress Christine D’Amato will encourage our young thespians-to-be to explore their creativity through theater games, structured exercises, pantomime, voice and improv. Professional set designer Kimberly Gerardi will conduct Stagecraft Workshops and teach painting, sculpting and how to create a set for the theater kids’ final production on April 4. So as not to leave anyone out, Pure Joy! Performing Arts instructor Marsha McEwan will simultaneously offer play shops for kids ages 4 – 7 as they experience drama, song and dance. For more information on all of these terrific programs, contact the Recreation Department at 764-0947, x. 3987.

Johnny Ferro, the dreamy actor from Pound Ridge, received word that his latest film, The Video Guys, was accepted into Hollywood’s International Family Film Festival in the feature comedy film category. The story: Love is hard to find but it’s easy to videotape. With more than 2,500 weddings under their belts, the video guys have shot every kind of crazy bride, wacky groom and their clawing in-laws. The greatest challenge comes when one of the characters finds himself filming his ex-wife’s wedding. Johnny plays “Chuck,” the still photographer. He's sort of the hot shot in the group, and it's his job to make sure the video guys don’t mess things up. They all learn that love is, ultimately, strictly business.

Johnny Ferro had a lead role in another film, “Daybreak,” which has been chosen as the opening night film at the Bahamas International Film Festival. The guy is up and coming. And what a great name. You can’t say “Johnny” without adding the “Ferro.”

Roses are tie-dyed, violets are blue. In follow up to last week’s column … please note that florist Joy Serata’s correct number is 764-3395.

Ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? Because of the downward spiral of our economy, big spending is out this year. You’re off the hook for diamond earrings or new golf clubs. It’s back to basics. Write a love poem or a make a batch of heart-shaped cookies. Scrawl “I love you” in dry board marker on the hallway mirror. Foregoing the fancy schmancy is fine. Sometimes it’s the simple expressions of true love that are truly 2 good 2 be 4-gotten.

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