January 19, 2009

THE RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town" January 9, 2009

By Bonni Brodnick

As the New Year begins, it is timely to begin new projects. I am thrilled to be taking the “Talk of the Town” reins from columnist Mary Legrand. She turned out wonderful and thoughtful columns which will surely be missed.
I launched this column 15 years ago in 1993 under the moniker “Around the Town” for The Pound Ridge Review, the predecessor of the Record-Review. It seems like eons ago, especially when I recall the archaic way in which I gathered information and submitted those early columns for what was then our new town newspaper.
As there was no Internet, news scoops were collected in person, by telephone, fax or snail mail. I wrote the column, printed it out, and then had to drive to Scotts Corners to put in a specified Pound Ridge Review mailbox next to The Wine Connection, which was next to Westminster Bank (now Bank of America). My editor drove from Bedford Hills to pick up the manuscript, retype it, and steps later, there it was in the paper the following Friday. We eventually figured out how to translate the document into DOS and dial it in. It sounds like the dinosaur age, doesn’t it?

Now that the Internet is here and communications has taken leaps and bounds, it will be much easier to be in touch. Please send your story ideas to towntalk@optonline.net. I look forward to hearing from Pound Ridgers present and former, near and far. Living oversees or students on an abroad program? Write and tell us about it. As author of “Pound Ridge Past: Remembrances of Our Townsfolk,” I will also share reminisces that continue to be sent in from those who formerly lived in town. Last week I heard from Dan Isaacson, whose family lived in Pound Ridge in the 1940s. Dan, who now lives in Boca Raton, Florida with this wife, Marie, wrote “Our house was on Donbrook Road. It had a different name when the place was bought, but my dad used the name of one of his family businesses to rename it ‘Donbrook,’ the sweater division of Donmoor, a boys knit shirts manufacturer.”

After the freshly fallen snow, we spoke with Bill Schelling, superintendant of our amazing Pound Ridge Highway Department. As a helpful reminder, please remember that it is illegal to plow or throw snow into the road, and is actually considered littering! Be sure that your plow people are aware of this. By dumping snow into the road, it makes more work for the highway department. “There’s nothing worse than having the roads all cleaned up and then find out we have to go back out and plow them off,” said Bill. “Not only does it cost tax payers more money in overtime, it can also cause accidents if it freezes.” If you have any questions on where the snow should go, please call Highway Department at 764-5690.

Are you a new mother in town? Hiram Halle Memorial Library has “New Mother’s Coffee” meetings on Thursday mornings at 11:00 a.m. The program on January 22 is “Stroller Strides,” presented by Kristen Riolo of Fit Moms. Learn how you can get complete total body workouts while your babe comes along for a ride in the stroller. In addition to learning about a great workout, it will give an opportunity to meet other new moms and kids in town. Refreshments are served and registration is required. Give a call to 764-5085.

Speaking of shaking a booty . . . with the cold weather here, Westchester residents can enjoy excellent and nearby outdoor recreational activities. Keep your eye on the sign at the Town Park entrance. When the sign is flipped to “Skating Today,” lace up your skates and get out there for a few figure 8’s. While you’re in the garage or barn pulling out the skates, keep the sled, toboggans and cross-country skis available. Once snow cover allows, sledding and cross-country skiing are permitted in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. To check conditions here and at other parks, ponds and preserves in the county, go to www.westchestergov.com/parks.
New Year wishes to all of our readers. May 2009 be filled with happiness, good health, laughter and friendship.


We enjoy hearing about what’s happening to Pound Ridgers near and far, present and past. Please send your quips, blips and blurbs regarding town activities, nature notes, travels afar, scholastic accomplishments, sports achievements, engagements, weddings, new babies and grandchildren to towntalk@optonline.net. All topics are appropriate for inclusion in this column. Alternatively (but not preferred), you may mail info to The Record-Review, P.O. Box 455, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, or leave a message at 244-0533, ext. 13.

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