November 20, 2023



WHY? It all started on Martha's Vineyard. I was hosting. It was 6:00pm, and the bird still wasn't ready. Outrage / hunger / bewilderment amongst family members. (Like, get your shit together, Bonni!!)

THEN ... there's the part where one guest inhaled a turkey giblet, and we ran him to the emergency room.  SHARE MY ANGST!!!

Click here for my HuffPost piece, "Thanksgiving Turkey: Let's Get Fresh".

November 16, 2023

Dear Ebie, we will miss you so . . .

Photo:  At lunch recently at Kitchen Table in Scotts Corners: Gina Federico, me, Ebie, and Jennifer Stahlkrantz Sussman 

We are saddened to report the passing of dear Ebie Wood. I interviewed her and her beloved Rich in Pound Ridge Past ("Into the Woods," page 78). I loved that they met in second grade at Pound Ridge Elementary School in 1945. A true love story.

Ebie was gracious, worldly, and kind-hearted. We had a mutual love for Pound Ridge and Martha's Vineyard, where she had a home in Cottage City, and we had one in Chilmark. And what a storyteller! Ebie was a walking history book and always told stories about Pound Ridge with sincere passion.

Our most heartfelt condolences to Rich and the family and to all who knew and loved Ebie. 

November 8, 2023

Lunch along the way

Had lunch with fellow writer, Carey. 
She was delighted to receive a copy of the book.


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