November 23, 2021

MEDIUM: "10 (Very) Helpful Tips for Turkey Day: Goblets are not the same as giblets"

“… And in keeping with our family tradition, I’d like to…”

November 14, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving in Order with Recipe for Yoca con Mojo -- NOT! (in 150 Words)


I was relishing the New York Times “Sidesgiving” section. Flipping through the pages was one succulent recipe after the next. “Creamed Greens Potpie.” I’ll try that tonight. “Brioche Chestnut Stuffing” looked scrumptious, too. Then I got to “Yuca con Mojo.” Hmmm, that sounded interesting.

The starchy root of the cassava plant might be a great Thanksgiving side. “Simply (*I like that word) boiled and drenched in garlicky mojo.” Wasn’t sure what “mojo” meant in this context, but this season especially, we could all use more of it. Most of the ingredients I have: olive oil, peppercorns. bay leaves, “2 pounds yuca (see Tip).” 

I looked down for information when buying, especially helpful for me: A Yuca Nubie. “If dark veins run through, do not eat, as it can be poisonous.”

 I turned the page immediately. The “Southern Macaroni and Cheese” sounded safer.

November 13, 2021

MEDIUM: "When They Meant One Thing and You Hear Something Different"

"The ants are my friends, they're blowin' in the wind" and "The Girl With Emphysema" were two of my favorite songs. Let's not even get into Elton John's "Bennie and The Jets." 

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November 4, 2021

"Life Lessons: Water Aerobics Makes a Splash"


Scissor kicks and V-lunges for a road to recovery.

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