January 27, 2017

Accompanying Schpiel to my New Pencil Sharpener Story

As you know from a previous blog, I am in love with pencils and my swanky, new electric pencil sharpener. (Click here for "My New Pencil Sharpener: What a Tool!")

So imagine my glee when my writing pal, Kathryn Haydon (co-author of Creativity for Everybody) shot me an email about CW Pencil Enterprises. They've got #2 Ticonderoga (yes ... these are the ones you used for the SATs), along with vintage, specialty, colored, jumbo-size and pencil sets. The point is ... this place is heaven for a pencil freak like me.

CW Pencils, located at 100a Forsyth Street in NYC, is about to re-instate a Pencil-of-the-Month Club. Not only will these magnificent tools of the trade inspire your writing, but when you sharpen the pencils loudly, it will make others think you are working hard in your office.

Class trip, anyone?

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