February 21, 2014

Thanks, Teach.

My daughter is months away from completing her first year as a corps member of Teach for America. Her assignment:  teaching 6th grade math and science at a middle school on a military base in Hawaii.

While reviewing the homework in one of her student's science notebooks, "Ms. Brodnick" found this note slipped between the pages:

Who wouldn't feel appreciated with a note like this?  I told my daughter to enjoy every single "love note" from her students.

Do you show your appreciation to mentors, colleagues, family, best friends?  Tomorrow is the day to let them know you truly appreciate their thoughtfulness/friendship/go-getter-ness and loyalty.

Your gesture of appreciation will make you feel good. It will make others feel good.

It truly gets down to the granular: Expressing gratitude makes the world a better place.

Go ahead. No, you go first. Okay .... I'll go.

Thank you, kind readers, for reading Bonni Brodnick Blog.

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